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Seating Plan

If you haven't been to see a show with us before then you may be a little surprised by the layout of parts of the building. While the Circle and Balcony areas are set out as they would be in a traditional theatre, the Stalls area has been refitted in a cabaret style.

We serve meals before a lot of the plays that we have on here and tickets with meals are only available in the Stalls. You need to pay for your meal when you book your tickets and then arrive no later than one hour before the performance to eat.

The Stalls area currently looks a bit like this:

Royal Court Stalls

If you prefer to sit in rowed seats then the Circle could be the place for you. These seats provide a great view of the stage but are up two flights of stairs. There is now lift access to the Circle and Balcony levels. 

When you book online you can choose your seat. The plan below will give you an idea of where you will be sitting on the night:

Circle Seating Plan 

The Balcony is the next level above the Circle. The seats here are also set out in rows but they are raked quite steeply and it is not recommended if you suffer from vertigo. Some of the seats at the back of the balcony are restricted view but they will always be marked as such and priced accordingly. Access to the Balcony is by climbing four flights of stairs but there is now lift access as well.

Here is a seating plan for the Balcony so that you can see where you are sitting:

Balcony Seating Plan