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10 November 2017
Royal Court Liverpool
11 November 2017
  • Full Price Couches: £50.00
  • Full Price Circle: £25.00
  • Love Seats x 2 Full Price: £50.00
  • Full Price Balcony: £15.00
  • Full Price plus Senior/Student: £48.00
  • Full Price plus Child: £43.00
  • Child Circle: £18.00
  • Love Seats x 1 Full, x 1 Child: £43.00
  • Child Balcony: £10.00
  • Senior/Student plus Child: £41.00
  • Family Ticket Circle x 4: £60.00
  • Love Seats x 1 Full, x 1 Senior/Student: £48.00
  • Family Ticket Balcony x 4: £45.00
  • Senior/Student Couches: £46.00
  • Senior/Student Circle: £23.00
  • Love Seats x 1 Senior/Student, x 1 Child: £41.00
  • Senior/Student Balcony: £13.00
  • Love Seats x 2 Senior/Student: £46.00
Royal Court Liverpool
11 November 2017
Royal Court Liverpool
12 November 2017
Royal Court Liverpool
12 November 2017
Royal Court Liverpool

Due to popular demand we bring one of the best-loved British musicals back to Liverpool – ‘Oliver!’

‘Oliver!’ is the unforgettable musical telling the tale of the boy who dared to ask for "more"!

The musical is packed with rousing songs such as ‘Food, Glorious Food’, ‘Consider Yourself’ and ‘Oom Pah Pah’ – although the mood swings back and forth, encompassing Oliver’s hauntingly tearful ‘Where Is Love?’ and Nancy’s soul-searching song, ‘As Long As He Needs Me’. Throw in Mr Bumble’s ‘Boy For Sale’, ‘Who Will Buy’ with its Victorian street-sellers and Fagin ruefully yet mischievously ‘Reviewing the Situation’, and you have a recipe for a great night out for all the family.

We follow Oliver from workhouse orphan to child worker, from the streets of London to Fagin’s Den, and eventually we share in his homecoming to Mr Brownlow’s mansion.

Family tickets are available from just £49.

Performance Information

Stalls tickets are available with a meal (served at your table before the show) for an extra £12. Click here to see our menu. If you are eating with us please arrive at least an hour before the performance.

Tickets are available for the show alone in stalls, circle and balcony.

Circle and balcony will open at 7.15pm. There are bars in both areas for pre-show and interval drinks. Stalls will be open from 6:15pm.  

Please note – the bar will close 15 minutes before the advertised start time.

£1 from every ticket bought will be donated to The Royal Court Liverpool Trust.  For more details go to www.royalcourttrust.org