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Maggie May: The Reviews

Published on 23 October 2018

Poor old Maggie had her heart set on New York but she’s ended up in the Royal Court.  We invited press in to review the show and here’s what they had to say.    

Full cast

From left to right: Katia Sartini, Paislie Reid, Matt Ganley, Michael Fletcher, Sam Haywood, Christina Tedders, Cheryl Fergison, Barbara Hockaday and David Heywood

Chris High Reviews ★★★★★

The cast share a spine-tingling harmonisation of vocals and an excitement of what’s to come.

This heart-warming story is sure to tug on heart-strings, raise arm hairs and leave the audience feeling Liverpool’s spirit in full force.”

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Lowdown Magazine 

A powerful and emotive production that stays with you long after the show has ended.

The cast gave a ten out of ten performance in a five star show that is truly one of the best productions I have ever seen.

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Champion 10/10

“This is a musical that will become a standard for years to come, on a par with shows like ‘Chicago’ and ‘Miss Saigon’.”

An unforgettable show.

Liverpool Sound and Vision 9/10

“Rightly joins the ranks of great productions to have come to the Royal Court Theatre”

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Liverpool Echo 

There is something about Maggie May, something about the various elements coming together to create a slick crowd-pleasing machine that suggests it’s a candidate to become a Queen Square evergreen. Or should that be emerald?

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The Stage 

‘Heartfelt take on a Liverpool legend’

“The production boasts a strong narrative, and some real showstoppers, but most of all, it has heart.”

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Wirral Globe 

“The most creatively satisfying of all the recent Liverpool-inspired theatre productions.”

Maggie May the Musical will surprise and delight audiences of all ages who will be ‘made up’ with this affectionate, song-packed show.”

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North West End 

"Beautiful period touches created a sense of realism and the Liver Birds watching over the city meant you could never forget where this story took place."

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Arts City Liverpool ★★★★

An ambitious all-singing, all-dancing, all-playing premiere.

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Christina Tedders (left) and Cheryl Fergison (right)

Christina Tedders (left) and Cheryl Fergison (right)

Lancashire Evening Post

“A brilliant musical enhanced by a great cast of talented actors/musicians. Not just a piece of Liverpool folklore, this is a show that could blossom in London’s West End, on Broadway and anywhere in the world.”

Liverpool Underlined

“Maggie May presents a rich, sumptuous production that seems to demonstrate another level of confidence in the Royal Court’s in-house production.”

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Number 9 Reviews

Packed to the rafters with big song and dance numbers.

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Maggie May The Musical is on stage until 10 November.  Tickets are from £14 and can be booked here, over the phone by ringing 0151 709 4321 or in Box Office.