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Turning Everything You Know about Theatre on Its Head

Published on 10 July 2018

Happy #InspiringFutureTheatre Day!

It’s not easy trying to figure out your future.  We are trying to make that decision easier by giving you some opportunities to discover what it’s like to work in a theatre. 

Life in the theatre doesn’t just revolve around the stage.  It’s made up of a lot of people who work tirelessly to bring an idea, no matter how briefly, to life. 

The end point is the show you see on stage but the beginning and middle is an entire mishmash of parts which work together to bring the show to that point.

You may have been told that theatre isn’t for people like you. You need endless amounts of money to even begin to think about a career in the arts.  Your local theatre is expensive and the shows on stage do not represent you or people like you. 

Here at the Royal Court we think we have cracked it.  We provide free opportunities for you to get involved in the theatre.  Money isn’t an issue.  You can come along to any of our sessions and there is no obligation to come back again.  Here are some of our projects you can get involved with: 

- Join our Community Choir

- Aged 11 – 19? Sign up to our Youth Theatre

Amara, one of our past members wrote a blog about her time here.  Our Youth Theatre will also be starring in their very own production next month.  Catch them in Empra's New Threads 23 - 25 August, tickets cost £3 and can be bought here


- Enrol in our Summer School this August

This is what one of our previous attendees had to say about her experience at the Summer School last year.

“I joined summer school because there’s loads of masterclasses where you can learn new things.  It’s just something to do and somewhere you can come and make friends, let loose and its stress free.”

Become part of The People's Players, our amateur dramatics group. 

Catch them in their first ever production, Home on in the Studio 14 - 18 August. 

Some of the roles you can learn more about include:


Stage management


Script writing








What have you got to lose? You might just find something that inspires you.  Try something fun and free this summer in Liverpool.

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