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Ghosts of Royal Court Past

Published on 31 October 2017

Ever felt a chill when you’ve come to the theatre? Maybe you’ve caught something in the corner of your eye, but when you’ve gone to look it’s disappeared? Well, you’ve probably met one of our resident ghosts. 

Our theatre has been around since the 1800s and with a history like ours, we were bound to have some good ghost stories. 


The Foyer and Stage in 1938

Let’s start with the most widely known story, Les (pictured below).  Les was a well-loved caretaker of the theatre who died on the roof in the early 1970s.  According to staff he was clearing out some grids on the roof when he slipped and fell, breaking his leg.  Les is gone but not forgotten, some of the staff who work with us today still remember him. 


Ever met the lady in red? Chances are, if you watched a gig here back in the day you probably have.  Unfortunately we don’t have a name for her, so she will always be known as the mysterious lady in red. 

Some guy called Tommy, a stagehand who worked here in the 1970s saw a man dressed in a Cavalier costume.  He came straight out of one wall and walked through another.  Didn’t even stop to chat.


Stage Set

The Grim Reaper. Yes, we are being serious.  Two of our cleaners have laid eyes on the Grim Reaper.  We always said this was a dead good theatre to work in. 

Booking seats in the balcony? Make sure you book D12, you may meet the ghost of the crying usher.  Several people have seen this ghost and she is dressed in 1920s-style clothing.  She won’t show you to your seats when you come and see a show but she will scare you a little bit. 


Old Usherette Hat

Finally, our personal favourite, the haunted lift.  The backstage lift has been around for decades and one night in 2006, the burglar alarm went off.  When Andy, our building manager at the time went to check it out they noticed that the lift had moved up from the 3rd to the 4th floor.  Seems pretty normal right? Wrong, there was no power going to the lift.  It moved of its own accord. 

We have many more ghost stories to tell, especially now that the theatre is being refurbished. 

Had any spooky encounters at Liverpool’s Royal Court? Let us know!