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Why the Royal Court Should Be Part of Your Christmas Tradition

Published on 29 November 2017

Every year, around this time you will put up your Christmas tree, deck the halls and make the annual slog into town to buy your Christmas pressies.  It’s cold, wet and all a bit depressing really.  We don’t complain (much) though because it’s what we expect to do every year.  It becomes a tradition. 

For some of you that tradition is followed by another one: tickets to see the Christmas show at the Royal Court. 

Now personally, we love this tradition.  We see you come in your droves to watch our Christmas show and you have done for many years.  You’ll book tickets for stalls, with a meal of course.  We’ve put on some corkers of a show.  Remember the giant Panda in Scouse of the Rising Sun? Well to continue on with our tradition of ‘how many animals can we stick in the Christmas show’, we’ve got a shark fin and a donkey on wheels and a couple of camels for you to wonder about.

Scouse of the Rising Sun 

Meet the giant Panda from Scouse of the Rising Sun

This year we’ve got the Gospel according to Our Terry, telling one of the greatest stories ever told, with a few bits added of course.     

The Scouse Nativity

The cast from The Scouse Nativity

It’s a perfect tradition really.  You can get all the Bingo crew in one room, bring your best work mates or have a date night.  It’s that simple. 

So make our Christmas show your next Christmas tradition, we promise you it will be a good one. 

The Scouse Nativity runs until 13th January.  Ticket prices start from £13 and you can book them online, telephone 0151 709 4321 or in person.  Already been to see the show? Tweet us using #ScouseNativity.