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The Scouse Nativity - Reviews!

Published on 07 December 2017

The reviews are in and by God, are they good.  We’ve been given enough gold stars to fill a manger.   

We invited the wise men and women to the theatre on Thursday 30th November to watch our best-selling Christmas show, The Scouse Nativity and here’s what they had to say.


Chris High Reviews 

“If there’s one thing guaranteed at Christmas, it’s that The Liverpool Royal Court won’t do stuff by halves. Give them ‘The Greatest Story Ever Told’ and they’ll simply rewrite it, throw in a few irreverences, season it all with some chilli-powered mirth, leave to settle on a stunning set and serve to gales of laughter.”

Wirral Globe

“This is a very slick piece of theatre - not a panto (no Santa, elves or thigh-slapping, love-lorn prince), but a well-paced, wonderfully-performed package of inventive comedy with cracking music.”

Liverpool Sound and Vision 

“One of the best festive comedies, a touch of glory that rivals plays such as The Flint Street Nativity for its observation and humour, one brought with joy by the Director Cal McCrystal and musical powerhouse Howard Gray. A resounding night of theatrical comedy; hilarious!”

Good News Liverpool 

“This is Kevin Fearon’s second time in the writer’s seat, and he has hit a bullseye with a script that plays to every strength of the Court’s Christmas formula and, especially, his cast of comic actors, all of whom will be familiar faces to regular audiences.”

Lowdown Magazine


Reviews Hub 

“Packed with plenty of disco anthems and Christmas songs, excellent performances, pitch-perfect comedy and tightly executed script, it’s hard to find fault with this year’s production.”

Arts City Liverpool 

“The team has outdone itself, setting the bar for all future festive productions […] The greatest story ever told? Well, it’s certainly right up there with the best shows the Court has ever staged.”


Liverpool Echo 

“This is very much an adults-only affair packed with fruity language, very naughty hand gestures and infrequent bare bottoms”.

The Stage  

“The show treads a relatively careful path through the minefield of blasphemy. Like Life of Brian, the big laughs come from the peripheral characters – a brilliant Wilson, Keppel and Betty trio of hapless shepherds, a pantomime baddie Herod, and a raucous, good-hearted angel earning her wings.”

North West End 

“This piece is entertaining, hilarious and witty and all performers have worked hard to entertain audiences with their various characters. With the city full of Christmas shows it is often hard to pick which one to see but I know that this show is at the top of the list.”

Now if you don’t believe in that lot of reviews, you only have to read some of the comments on Facebook to get a feel for how the show is going so far.  The Scouse Nativity runs at the Court until 13 January.  Book your tickets to watch the show today!