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We Know We Look a State

Published on 08 August 2017

So you have probably noticed all the fences round the building this summer. No, we haven't been trying to keep you out on purpose, we've been having a makeover!

We are getting the keys back soon and moving back into the theatre, just in time for show season to kick off with The Royal. The Royal Court Theatre has been around the block a few times. We've hosted some big names with even bigger entourages. Played music so loud that it would make your ears ring. We had a good time though and so did you apparently! So over the past couple of years we have been remodelling and upgrading and just giving the place a good old clean, ready for the next 80 or so years.

We made a handy list of the upgrades for you (if you are still reading this blog post). When we officially reopen this month, we will have started work on:

  • Creating a new basement venue that will be able to hold up to 150 people

  • Improving the facilities on the balcony, including a new bar and better toilets

  • Restoring the original revolving stage, the biggest outside London!

  • Renovating the dressing rooms, backstage lifts and stage areas to make them accessible

  • Dusting, hoovering and mopping everything

  • Making a funny sign to hang up over the Box Office

  • Declaring a turf war with United Utilities

  • Annoying everyone with our broken screen outside

  • Had a small flood

  • Discovering lots of cool memorabilia hiding in the walls and forgotten storerooms

  • Found a very old bottle of cider (we didn't drink it)

  • Lost count of the number of hard hats worn

  • Forgotten what this blog post was originally about

Phew, that was a long list.

Come see it for yourself when we reopen on the 25th August with our first show, The Royal!

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