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A Royal Performance at the 'Ozzy

Published on 30 August 2017

Thoughts we had during ‘The Royal’

This weekend we had four sold out performances of ‘The Royal’.  That means over 2500 of you came to see the show on its opening weekend.  Here are some thoughts we had during the show.  

  1. What will Teresa’s (Lindzi Germain) hair look like when she takes all the rollers out?
  2. Bet she has had them in for AGES
  3. Patrick/Paddy (Danny O’Brien) when he came out of the lift in his teeny shorts *drools*
  4. What gym does Patrick/Paddy go to and when can we join?
  5. I would NOT like to fall off that stage
  6. Will Mo (Lynn Francis) forget what her normal voice sounds like after the show has ended?
  7. How much was Flo’s nurse outfit from Lili Bizarre? Halloween costume = sorted. 
  8. Is that really Mo (Lynn Francis) in the picture she’s going to use for ‘Employee of the Month’?
  9. Walter Bush probably talked about Scouts ALL the time, hope Ms Llewellen had ear plugs
  10. As if he just fell asleep on the accessible toilet
  11. How many packets of Fish & Chip crisps has he eaten since they started rehearsing?
  12. Is that apple juice in Walter Bush’s urine bottle thingy? 
  13. That rubble looks heavy
  14. How does Flo have the time to watch all those TV shows?
  15. Bet she has Sky TV 
  16. Did she download the Holby City theme tune from those ads on the back of a magazine? 
  17. Who will present ITV after Lucy Meacock? 
  18. I want to sit on the wrecking ball, Miley Cyrus style
  19. Those hospital beds look real 
  20. When can I come and see it again?

We had MANY more thoughts this during the show but would love to hear yours. What was your favourite scene? Did you enjoy the special affects? 

Four performances down, twenty-two more to go!