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Review of Father O Flaherty Saves our Souls by Amber Williams

Published on 08 November 2016

Father O'Flaherty Saves Our Souls at Liverpool's Royal Court.


Written By Alan Stocks and staring Alan stocks.

Walking into the  theatre I was blown away by the set, and I also overheard a couple saying the same thing. Set in a priests house with attention to detail, including tables down stage left and down stage right full of alcohol. The play was performed with two acts. The first act opened with Father O'Flaherty (played by Alan stocks) reminiscing on what and happened to him the week before, and the bad news what was delivered. It seems that Father O'Flaherty's job is on the line, but is he able to save his job with the performance of his mass that night. With help from the 'crazy nuns' his house keeper, and the bishop.(played by actors Clare Bowles, Helen Carter, Paul Duckworth and Keddy Sutton).

Throughout the first half we see strange behaviour from the nuns, and just why they really want Father O'Flaherty to keep his job. Act two is set in a church, which was brilliantly set out. In act two we see more of the musical side, as both nuns where at the duty if singing the hymens, but like normally hymens would try send us asleep these brilliant girls drew our attention to their wonderful voices. Even though the girls where brilliant at singing, me personally would of liked to hear singing from the male actors also. Throughout act two humour is delivered to us in many forms, from a delivery io the bible from Father O'Flaherty, a feminist song, and most of all the Lip Sinc battle between the bishop and Father O'Flaherty himself, however is the Bishop really who he says he is? The only one criticism I have for this whole show would be to have each actor join in with each of the hymns and to have a little bit more of the whole bishop and his change to have more of a reaction to the actors on stage, as it felt very rushed.

Amber Williams