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Published on 16 January 2015


When I joined the Royal Court Youth Theatre, I was a bit apprehensive. I'd heard about the youth theatre through my school, and thought it'd be a good way to get some self confidence and meet new people. I'd never really done drama before, and I was nervous about going into this environment with no idea what I was doing or if I'd be any good. I soon learned that I had nothing to worry about. The instructors who taught us were lovely, and introduced me and my peers into the class at a pace that we were okay with. They didn't judge us, or make us feel stupid for not knowing something.


As the weeks went on, my confidence grew, and so did my interest in the theatre world. My interest was aided, as we were given background on the wonderful theatre, we were given the opportunity to meet the people who ran the theatre and ask them about their jobs, and we were taken to see shows. In my opinion, the Royal Court has let me experience more in my 16 years of life than I ever would have dreamed I could have. I've made so many friends, experienced so many things, been given so many opportunities, and learned so much. The welcoming aura of the youth theatre had helped me overcome so much, both personally and socially, and free of charge, meaning I've been able to make it there every week.


The theatre is now my home from home, and if I could give advice to the young people in our city, it would be to join the theatre, because it has helped me so much and the people there are lovely, but not only do you learn and grow as a person, you have fun in the process, which I think is one of the most important parts of learning.



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