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Published on 15 December 2014

For the past fortnight, I’ve been working here at the Royal Court Theatre in Liverpool on a work experience placement, organised by my senior school and I can honestly say it’s been the most amazing two weeks of my 2014.

 Below is a short taster of some of the things I got up to on my placement:

  • A variety show for the elderly once a month, hosted by the Royal Court’s very own Sam, I was allowed to sit and watch the matinee with the 200+ audience members who loyally attend the performance singing and laughing along with a Frank Sinatra tribute act and comedian.

  • I attended many meetings including one in St George’s Hall, planning events to be held across the area including fancy dress competitions and treasure hunts

  • Helping out back stage, behind the scenes of “YNWA The official history of LFC”. This is where I had the most fun Meeting the performers, helping with props and costumes and chatting to the staff that make amazing shows like YNWA possible.

  • Contacting theatres across the country, to send programmes dating back to the 1960’s to and from the Royal Court

  • I was treated to a mini heritage tour around the building, where I was shown back stage and was allowed to look at all the original art deco features of the building

  • Kept up to speed on the development of the theatre, with all the upcoming plans to refurbish the building creating a better experience for all theatre goers.

From the first day I learned so much, from how to photocopy, communication skills, archiving old theatre programmes and posters and even how to make a “proper coffee”. Every day here, has been filled with sometimes daunting but always exciting challenges for me to face and I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to experience work in such a great company with the chattiest staff, friendliest atmosphere and world’s cutest west highland terrier, Kelty who sits sleepily in the office most days.

There hasn’t been a boring moment; with so many people to meet and so many jobs to do I’ve been kept thoroughly busy and well entertained during my short time here.  One day I wish to return, whether that is in an office, behind the scenes of an upcoming show or preferably on the stage!!

I would love to thank everyone who has been a part of my experience here at the theatre including: Jess, Iain, Jamie, Kevin, Sam, Louise, Miriam, Gill, Caitlyn, Lily, Jenny, Katie, Matt, Shaun, John (who was there 24/7 during my two weeks) and most of all Stacey, who looked after me whilst here at the Royal Court and never failed to help me out in a tricky situation.

For all of those experiences, people and not forgetting west highland terriers that have made these past two weeks seriously unforgettable, I am more than grateful.

Yours sincerely,