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What do you do when you're fifteen and live on an estate where you get street cred for being in a gang? What do you do when you've got the chance of a decent future but the pull of the gang is too strong? And what are you gonna do when one of the gang passes you a gun and tells you, honour is at stake, use the gun to show you're one of us?

Terriers is a play, which deals with these problems. Aldo is bright, witty, and a gifted sportsman. His family has high hopes for him, but he's having a tough time trying to break away from his mates who want him to be in his local gang, The Terriers. Not that he's too scared to join, but they are involved in a tit for tat gang war with a crew just across the avenue called The DH Crew.

Things are getting very heavy and a DH Crew kid is shot. Now there's open war. Aldo's problem is there's rumour and counter rumour and somehow the DH Crew believe he is the killer and they're looking for him. He only has one option, to get armed. Or does he?

Terriers explores the immense pressure Aldo, and boys like him, are under from gang mates and his girlfriend. The play throws up the moral dilemmas and life changing decisions that some young boys and girls have to make.

The show was originally commissioned by Merseyside Police in 2008 using partnership funding, and to date over 120,000 young people from secondary schools across Merseyside have seen the play and studied the primary and secondary educational packages. Written by Maurice Bessman and produced and directed by Miriam Mussa, the show has been used by Merseyside Police as a way of reaching young people.

"I would like to see Terriers rolled out across all schools and communities. If we had more resources we could find ways to deal with these issues and this type of innovative theatre is a key resource."  Jane Kennedy, Merseyside Police and Crime Commisioner 2013.

Neil Harris, Senior Relationship Manager, Arts Council England said

“Since Terriers was commissioned by Merseyside Police in 2008, it has been seen by huge numbers of people. Highlighting issues such as gun and gang crime that are faced by young people it is a thought-provoking and moving play and I’m delighted that we have funded it through our Strategic Touring programme again so that it can reach an even larger audience in a range of venues across the North West and Midlands.”

We are currently taking bookings for our Autumn Tour 2018. Merseyside dates run from 24th September until mid-October.

For more details or if you are interested in booking Terriers for your school, community centre or youth venue, please email Vannessa at Vannessa@royalcourttrust.org or phone 0151 702 5892 

For more details about the show and the latest tour go to terriersplay.co.uk

Or if you would like to book a performance for your school or community venue click here or contact your Safer Schools Officer.