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Brick Up 2 - The Wrath Of Ann Twacky

8 March to 6 April

The Kingsway Three are back!

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Stage Write Nights 2019

26 March & 21 May

Come and join us for an evening of script in hand readings from our new writing programme – Stage Write.

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Bottleneck by Luke Barnes

27 & 28 March

A coming-of-age story through the eyes of a young boy in Liverpool.

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Variety Film Club - My Fair Lady

4 April

Pompous phonetics professor Henry Higgins (Rex Harrison) is so sure of his abilities that he takes it upon himself to transform a …

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Let Me Sing Encore

4 April

For those who enjoyed our first celebration of all things musical theatre, we’re back for a second one off evening.

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It's A Scream Comedy Club

5 April & 14 June

New parents! You can do a fun thing without ditching your babies!

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Pete Price Holds Court

12 April and 24 May

Pete goes back to his roots as compere extraordinaire of a classic variety night!

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Not the Horse

25 to 27 April

An outrageous crime-comedy that follows Tony, a twenty-year-old scouser, who finds himself in a labyrinth of trouble.

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My Fairfield Lady

26 April to 25 May

Liverpool’s Royal Court takes on another classic with their own (non-musical) version of My Fair Lady.

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Son of Liverpool - From Scottie Road to Town

7 May

Son of Liverpool is an epic theatre-verse exploration of birth, life, parenting, hysterical partying, howling laughter and death.

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Murder Ballads

16 & 17 May

Back by popular demand. A darkly comic tale of madness, horror and death.

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31 May to 8 June

Ever been in a situation that has got out of hand? Leila and Nathan are living by their principles and on the breadline. Ritchie's…

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Lost Soul 2 Smigger's Wrecked Head

7 June to 6 July

Dave Kirby is back with a brand new sequel to Lost Soul, the huge smash hit comedy that has been seen by more than 50,000 people.

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The Comeback Special

13 to 15 June

Given the choice, Robbie would rather not talk to the dead. And definitely not to this bloke who claims he’s the ghost of Elvis...

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Martini Lounge Variety and Burlesque Show 2019

27 June

The Martini Lounge has gone back to its roots! Revisiting those heady days in the beautiful basement bar of The Royal Court Theatr…

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Bouncing Back

10 to 13 July

The Netball World Cup comes to Liverpool in 2019 - and it also hits the stage at The Royal Court!

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Scouse Pacific

12 July to 10 August

This Summer why not get away from it all?

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Hip Hip I'm Gay

19 & 20 July

HIP HIP I’M GAY! is a comedy cabaret that follows real-life stories and experiences of coming out and the mental health struggles …

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24 July to 10 August

Fun, music, love and tragedy sit side by side in this brand new studio play about finding a place where you don’t have to hide awa…

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Variety Lunch Club

Wednesdays Throughout The Year

The best in local entertainment - and a bowl of scouse!

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Heritage Tour

Take a tour around The Royal Court, a magnificent example of a theatre built in the Art Deco style.

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